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Rating Decay

Créé le : 16/9/2003
Edition du : 16/9/2003
Auteur : RayonDelta

Voici le mail reçu d'ES_Archangel concernant le déclin des pseudos le 16/09, en VO:

There is something else we're considering for the XPack and AOM 1.07 - Ratings decay.

Ratings decay is going to basically work like this: The top 1000 ranked players for any given game type are going to need to play the game on a weekly basis to keep their ratings up. We're still working on the exact numbers, but it is divided into categories: the players at the very top of the ratings are going to need to play the game multiple times per week on that high-rated account. If they don't play a certain amount of times within a given week, their rating will decay automatically. The amount of times per week a player will need to play a rated game on his account will depend on how highly ranked the player is (and again this only applies to the top 1000.) Also, there will be a lower-end cap that keeps an account from decaying beyond a certain point.

We are considering this change as a further effort to curb smurfing and a way to make the upper-level ratings competition more challenging. Because this system will require the upper level players to use their "competitive account" more often, it should mean that there are more of them online at any given time and thus it will be easier for them to find games against similarly ranked players.

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